Zezqua is a female gray dwarf that appears to be in her late 20s. She has pixie cut black hair, dark brown eyes, and dark skin to match. She is about 4 feet 2 inches and weighs 132 pounds. Everything else about her appearance equates to a regular plain jane, but the aura when hanging around her always feels tense. You wouldn’t approach her unless you have to.


-where did your character come from? A big city? Kingdom? A small town?

My character came from a small island covered in mostly sand and gravel. Not much grows there except for certain fruits and veggies that can survive the hot climate like eggplants bananas pineapples and coconuts. luckily the village is able to get by from the sea surrounding them that is crowded with schools of fish and enough seaweed to get by. Because of this most of the people on the island know how to sail and if you don’t you will not last long.

-what was the family like? (If its important no need to go into detail if its the average joe kinda deal)

Most people on the island live by a all man for themselves ordeal. The only reason zezqua is brought into the world is so that they have a young strong person around to help them man the ship if a storm passes by. It’s not out of love and if zezqua ever showed themselves to be useless the family consisting of only a mom and dad would not bat an eye at leaving them for death.

-did your character have a job before coming into the story? What made them leave?

They did have a job. At one point the nearby islands that had more luck started to conquer their island and steal their provisions. Zezqua’s job was to sneak on board and steal them back with their sleuth skills. If she got caught she died. If she returned with nothing she died. They left because at one point she had fallen ill on the ship that had stolen from her island and was unable to escape from the ship before it docked at their destination. She decided her last option was to kill one of the deck boys and blend in as well as she could. Cutting her hair and replacing her uniform with his saved her life. She had planned to escape as soon as she found an opening but the crew were inviting to “her” since they thought she was their loyal crew mate. She had never experienced an attachment to anything and decided that staying around would be more beneficial to her than going back. She wanted to give it a shot.
any close friends, or significant others to note of? Did anything happen to them?

Her crew from the island became her closest friends. They perfected her skills as a rogue and her skills as a sailor. Most of all they showed her how to know when and when not to trust someone. Names. Names are always important. Some people have bounties on their heads higher than anything while others have rivalries with people that they don’t know yet would murder them if they revealed who they truly are. It’s a kill or be killed world. Someone who reveals who they are to a stranger deserves respect. She values this to this day. Since she values this after she was told this she couldn’t hide her identity any longer. Even if it meant deaths she revealed herself. A whole Mulan scenario happened where they had become too attached to kill her but could not keep her on their ship. They left her with a small sailboat, bag of moldy oranges, and a compass. That was the last time she ever saw them.

-did your character make any enemies in their past? Any people that they have a problem with?
She is not close with Vikings. Her name is not held very high in Viking territory (are there even Vikings in the game? I don’t really know lol)


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