Demmey LeMedi


A short red haired human who is absolutely terrified of combat and conflict.


Demmey grew up in the Citadel of the Forgotten Gods, and was an average child. Demmey never enjoyed playing with other kids but would rather read and learn. His childhood dream was to become a priest of the pantheon and to stay away from the outside world.

That dream was crushed however when he turned 13 and awoke to being chosen by Apollepius to serve in his vanguard. After his selection Demmey was immediately thrown into combat training and learned that he had a vast reserve of magic ability within him. Unfortunately due to his passive demeanor, Demmey struggled to wield a weapon or utilize combat magic. So with the help of other clerics, Demmey was able to learn healing magic and find use on the battle field.

Demmey LeMedi

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