Agmund the Mighty


A massive human being born on the Grey Coast on the north of Paterrna. He stands at 6’11" (out of his armor) an weighs about 280 lbs of muscle. His physical health would indicate that he is about mid thirties, but his stark white hair and the dozens of scars covering his body indicate decades of service. He wears an eye-patch over his left eye after losing his sight when he wrestled (and beat) an owl-bear in his youth.


Agmund was born to a religious family where his parents were part of a religious order known as The Order of the Forgotten Gods. Agmund took charge in his youth quickly picking up his studies of the natural world and of the Forgotten Gods. When he was only six years old the Goddess Frayres has chosen him to serve under her branch of the pantheon. From then on, Agmund dedicated his life to his training until he could join his brothers in combat.

It wasn’t until he set foot on the battle field where Agmund would discover his true abilities. He charged through the battle field knocking over any enemy who dared challenge him in combat. Even as he continues today, Agmund rarely tastes defeat, while never slaying an opponent.

Agmund the Mighty

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